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Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy, really, she is. This movie is amazing from start to finish, all 3 hours and 17 minutes of it. From the opening scene at the Santa Monica Pier, to the last scene in an abandoned warehouse, Tori Black puts everything she's got into every moment. You feel her highs, her desires and her aggression as if you were witnessing it in person.

01 Tori Laying On Beach

Santa Monica Pier & Beach House:

The film starts off with breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Pier and slowly fades into Tori walking on the beach. This is the fun part of the movie, we are introduced to our star and while watching her splash around in the ocean. After a few minutes, Tori is joined by Rebeca Linares. Rebeca gets the spotlight then the two team up. Both girls probably push the limits as to what type of behavior is acceptable on a public beach. Tori unties her bikini bottom and reties it. While that doesn't sound like much, it is the sexiest retie I've ever seen.

02 Tori Standing Beach 03 Tori Rebeca On Beach

We move onto the beach house shower where Tori and Rebeca are getting washed up. The setting for this part of the scene is amazing. There's a waterfall in the background and the sound it makes totally sets the private mood of the scene. You really feel like you're peering into Tori and Rebeca's world. They're so focused on one another and hardly speak, the calmness with the aggressive overtone is pleasing.

04 Tori Rebeca Kissing

In fact, if I knew nothing about Tori or Rebeca and only saw this scene, I would believe that neither of them even spoke english. They're just smiling and rubbing all over one another... it's just a sight to see. Rebeca makes the first move and in the end is the one who does all of the work. She pushes Tori up against the glass wall of the shower and the two of them are so in tune with one another, you can feel their passion. Tori readjusts herself to allow Rebeca better access and she gets right to it. Rebeca goes down and eats out Tori, ending this part of the scene.

05 Tori Against Glass 06 Rebeca Eating Tori

Now we enter the beach house. Mark Ashley is waiting for these two beautiful girls. This is probably my least favorite scene (although, it did win an AVN Award for best three-way). The reason why it is my least favorite is because of the yelling. The girls are so loud and at the oddest moments, it is borderline unbelieveable. The transition from the quiet and humble shower scene to this loud and unfitting beach house scene, they just don't match up.

07 Rebeca Fucked On Tori

When Rebeca would just get her pussy touched with the dick, she'd start yelling like she's about to cum all over the place. You could hear Rebeca and Tori's voices echoing off the walls in the house. However, things that are enjoyable about the scene is Rebeca's smack talk to Mark Ashley. Her latin attitude definitely comes through which made the scene bearable for me. Telling Mark to "shut up" seems simple but, how she says it makes the difference.

08 Rebeca Fucked Eating Tori 09 Tori Purple Shirt

Non-POV Anal:

Hands down, this is the best scene in the entire film, if not one of the best scenes I've ever seen. The chemistry between Tori and Manuel Ferrara is uncanny. Manuel has such patience while keeping Tori in check but at the same time he doesn't run the scene. Tori remains in control and keeps Manuel doing what she wants him to do but he is also getting exactly what he wants.

10 Balls Deep In Toris Ass

Everything blends so nicely here that you'd think they practiced this a million times. Even if they were to re-shoot this scene, I don't think it would come out as good. There was something at that moment, on that day and whatever it was, worked beautifully. Throughout this entire scene, you really get the feelings and emotions of Tori and Manuel. Tori really opens up in this scene compared to the first and I firmly believe her attitude is completely a result of Manuel's prescence. Tori is a little timid about taking Manuel's dick in her ass and even the director, Mason, mentioned that if Tori only got half in her ass, Mason would be happy.

11 Tori Getting Fingered 12 Tori Smirking Being Eaten

However, it got crazy, Tori took the whole thing and the scene exploded. It was like watching a perfect tango, two people intertwined so well that the experience becomes real. This is what gonzo is all about folks. Mason captures this scene perfectly, almost too perfect.

Gangster Striptease:

When I saw the trailer, this scene sold me. However, in its entirety, it didn't live up the hype. I think the main reason is because of the music selection, I really didn't like the song. Which is a bit odd because I pretty much love every other song in the movie.

13 Tori Cigar

However, Mason still shot this scene impressively. It starts out with a silhouette of Tori and slowly changes into Tori on a white background (inversed). Tori works it as she always does and we probably get some of the hottest stills of Tori from the movie in this scene. This is a good scene for an intermission. While it wasn't something you necessarily want to miss, once you've seen it, it's a good time to get up and get something to eat or drink because there's still a lot of movie left to go.

14 Tori Silhouette 15 Tori Hand On Hat

Marie Luv and Ice Cold:

This scene is long, really long. I kinda got bored with this scene and I think it's because Marie Luv dominated the entire scene. It was no longer a Tori Black movie, it became a Marie Luv flick. While I don't have any problems with Marie Luv, the scene just lost that "Tori Black touch" that was so prominent in the beginning of the film.

16 Marie Luv Choking Tori

Despite these complaints, it's still a solid scene and Tori still gives an amazing performance. This scene is a decent prelude to the last scene of the movie. It's dirty, it's filthy, agressive, dominant, and intense. Marie Luv gets Tori Black doing everything she wants, Marie even holds Tori's head down with her foot! This is the second anal scene in the movie but, Marie Luv is the recipient of Ice Cold's dick. It starts off as a girl-girl scene, as most three-ways do but, it's a tricky one, you don't think it's going to get more serious because it's already intense.

17 Marie Luv Stepping On Tori

This scene as many others offers what I like to call "second chance", even though it has nothing to do with chances. It's really just an extra part at the end of the scene that keeps it going a little longer. In this one, Marie Luv continues her domination, she grabs Tori Black after her face is covered in cum and wands the shit out of Tori's pussy making her entire body shake as she has an intense orgasm.

18 Tori Eating Marie Luv 19 Ice Cold Fucking Tori

Pool Tease & The Return Of Manuel:

This scene, like the others, starts off with Tori parading around. This time, instead of being on the beach or dressed like a gangster, she's by an amazing pool. After Tori gets you all hot and bothered, Kristina Rose makes her appearance. Kristina comes out and does a striptease as Tori watches from afar. Eventually, Tori gets up and joins Kristina ensuring what ensues is pure awesomeness.

20 Tori Sunglasses

The pool has jets and the girls use the jets in creative ways. I would've liked to see a little more use of the jets but, in the end it all worked out. The girls pull out a big dildo and start going at eachother with it. The thing that I really like about this scene is that Tori is dominant! She just morphed into the female Manuel Ferrara. She took control of Kristina, telling her what to do and how to do it, Kristina loved every second of it.

21 Tori Oiled Up 22 Tori And Kristina On Jets

After the girls get eachother off, they head inside to meet up with Manuel. I was kind of excited to see Manuel and Tori together again because of their chemistry in the anal scene. However, this time wasn't as perfect as their previous encounter. Personalities were clashing between Tori and Manuel while Kristina was being left out. The scene didn't get on track until Manuel exuded more dominance. He chokes both girls and pushes them up against the wall. Then he tells Tori to fuck Kristina like he would fuck her. The girls share a moment and he tells Kristina to come to him.

23 Manuel Choking Tori And Kristina

Now the magic starts. Kristina falls into place, Tori dominates her while Manuel does his job stimulating Kristina and now we got a scene! Tori continues her dominance over Kristina by covering Kristina's mouth while commanding, "Shh, I don't wanna hear a damn thing out of your pretty mouth!". This is definitely the high point in the scene, as everyone is perfectly in sync. I didn't feel connected to the actors as I did in other scenes. Regardles, Tori, Kristina and Manuel each do a great job in this scene. In fact, Tori's best work in the scene is at the end when she literally fucks the shit out of Kristina's face!

24 Tori Covering Kristinas Mouth 25 Tori Face Fucking Kristina

Empty Warehouse with James Deen & Mick Blue:

The intro to this scene is amazing. Tori's makeup plus seeing Los Angeles in the background reminds me of playing Mirror's Edge (sorry, slight nerd moment). What I'm trying to point out is, it's amazingly shot (kudos Mason).

26 Tori Cityscape

The music in this scene was very "final scene / boss battle", introducing a serious and dark tone, perfect for what is about to happen. Tori walks with aggression and attitude as she enters the warehouse. She's wearing a trenchcoat and a corset. She flings off the trenchcoat upon entering the warehouse as the doors close behind her. With only the corset remaining, she trumps up the stairs to where James Deen and Mick Blue await their doll.

27 Tori Removing Coat

Little did they know, their doll was going to be the dirtiest she's ever been, she is going to define 'Pretty Filthy'. While Tori went real hard in her other scenes, this one is straight up rough, hard, aggressive, intense fucking (not even sex), for a good 20 - 30 minutes. Her hair is messed up, her face is covered in cum, cum is overflowing out of her mouth, she's being held down, gets her face covered in a shirt and her mouth fucked through the shirt. Basically, anything went in this last scene and it is definitely worthy.

28 Tori Choked 29 Tori Is A Fucking Mess

Even after she gets fucked every which way, Tori doesn't feel done. She immediately gets up and runs into the bathroom, hops into a stall, rips off her gloves and begins masturbating. This part of the movie is pretty epic and is a great way to end the film. When you see Tori in this bathroom, propped on top of a toilet, ravashing herself after she'd already been ravashed, you're left speechless.

30 Tori Masturbating On Toilet

She had a few lines in the film that really sum up this entire scene. At the end of the bathroom scene she says, "Don't tell anybody I'm not really that pretty". And before the scene she said, "It felt so great to just be dirty because I'm always so perfect". This really was Tori's way of breaking the mold that she and others have put her in, and seeing her do it was extravagant.

Closing Comments:

Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy is an amazing production. The camera work by Mason is done so well that I became an instant fan. Mason learns what her actors are feeling, translates that into her own feelings and then attempts to capture that raw emotion on film. This is what added a layer of depth to the film to make it what it is. Every scene takes you on an emotional roller coaster with the actors. My eyes were glued to the screen the entire time, I didn't look away because I couldn't. I was so captivated that when the scene ended and I "snapped back" to reality, I felt as tired as the actors. So Mason definitely did a superb job.

The performance delivered by Tori Black was fulfilling. Every scene may not be the most ideal in the viewer's eyes but, the attraction of the film is that you are seeing Tori for who she is. When you see a situation that seems odd but you see Tori enjoying herself, you too feel that enjoyment. Tori mentions, "This movie was an expansion of my sexuality. This was me letting you come into my heart, and my soul cause this is very personal. [...] This is me".

31 Tori Shh

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Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy

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